History of Maine Heritage Timber

At Maine Heritage Timber, we dredge perfectly-preserved timber that sank to the bed of the Penobscot River more than a century ago. The wood is rich in character, stunning in color and full of unparalleled beauty and uniqueness. By salvaging our wood from the bottom of a river we not only help return the river to its natural ecosystem, we ensure our customers receive a truly green product. We never cut down healthy trees, meaning we don't touch the famous, untapped forests in our home state of Maine. We never repurpose or recycle old wood that's been used in buildings, homes or industrial facilities either, meaning our wood is fully intact without any exposure to chemicals like asbestos or lead paint. Our wood is 100% river-reclaimed from the depths of the Penobscot River, meaning it's as fresh and full of potential as the day it was cut so many decades ago. In fact, our recovery efforts keep 1,000 acres of forest from being cut a year.